Stupid Gadget #8

If you are a fan of stupid gadgets, you are going to have a field day with this !!!

Introducing to you, The Harvest your own Pearl Kit. It costs $11, which obviously means  it’s authentic precious pearls.

First, the entire kit comes in an attractive box ( Its a mixture of beautiful red cardboard and red plastic). It contains everything you need to create stunning pearl jewelry.


You’ll find a sealed can containing a genuine(?) oyster. The oyster is preserved in a special liquid.  Warning : The liquid is part alcohol, but not drinkable. You’re making jewelry….. not dinner! Do not drink the liquid or eat the oyster. When you pop the lid off the can, you’ll find your oyster.


The kit also includes a lovely necklace that is missing… you guessed it…. a pearl. You will be opening the oyster to get the pearl for the necklace.


To open your oyster, you use a little plastic tool that comes with the kit. It’s unbeleivable how there are people who train to shuck oysters and how hard and tricky it can be, but somehow this genuine oyester can simply be opened with a 3 inch plastic knife.


It’s pretty disgusting once you pry open your oyster, but you will find a pearl amidst all the goo. This is exactly what you will see when you open up the oyster. (Aaah, how romantic and lovely it looks!)


Naturally, your pearl will not be enormous.Don’t be alarmed!(Should I remind you that it’s $11?)  Just like in nature, from the oysters in the bottom of the ocean, some will be larger and some will be smaller!

You’re almost done! The necklace is specially designed to open up so you can easily put the pearl inside. Once you swing it shut, your pearl necklace is complete! Wear it (or give it away!) . After all, you made it yourself!



3 Responses

  1. UNBELIEVABLY STUPID GADGET! I wonder who gets paid to think up such superbly useless stuff!

  2. One really stupid thing this!! Wonder how many such things get sold?!?
    Harsha, who ever gets paid to think up such stuff deserves it; not everyone can come up with things like this right?

  3. Welcome back Aparna 🙂 Good to see you in the blogging circuit again!

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