Stupid Gadget #9

Zipper Pull Earrings are my next feature. Well the name might not make much sense to you…zipper…like actual zippers and earrings? Yup, this is the epitome of stupid gadgets!

You can now make your earl lobes look as stupid as possible by donning a pair of these Zipper Pull Earrings!


They’re real((functioning) zipperpulls turned into quasi-fashionable earrings. Who thought of this ingenius idea?

The earrings measure about 3/4″, so they’re not obnoxious( yeah right! as if this whole idea isn’t) They’re just very, very silly. People may not even notice what they are, but if they do… get ready for some strange looks.

You’ll need pierced ears to wear them, but if you’re considering getting them, you probably have a hole in your head anyway. The earrings are gold toned. We’re not sure what the Zipper Pull Earrings are made of (brass?), but at $4.99 a pair, you can’t expect solid gold. (But they are solid stupid!)



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