Irony of Life

I write about the irony of life because we are told that the only person one can change is oneself. YET, it is the most difficult task to shake off a habit like smoking or an addiction like overeating. Think about it.

If you’re the only person you can change, then why is it so hard to change yourself when it comes to an addiction? In that case, is the hypothesis that you’re the only one you can change incorrect? Or is the idea that you can’t change anyone else incorrect? There is empirical evidence that you can change others for the better or worse (aka brainwashing). There is also evidence that one can change oneself to drop a habit or even pick up on (good or bad).

I buy the idea that we can’t change anyone but ourselves. Then why is it so difficult to change a habit (I’m guilty of overeating and not being able to control the urge to eat). It could stem from the idea that do as I say, but don’t don’t do as I do? Could self-importance lead us to think that we have the superiority to control or change others but that we ourselves don’t need change or we ourselves are way to powerful to be changed?

Hey, don’t look to me for answers! I’m just asking skeptical questions.


7 Responses

  1. I’ve always believed that where there is a will there is a way. I have never really had an addiction to anything so I may not be able to fit into anyone’s shoes who’s had an addiction. My perception may be clouded by the fact that I have lived a moderate life (I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I eat just enough, etc). Would you say that the answer is in the will?

  2. I agree with Herman. I think it is the will. Even in case of addiction, in the end after all the struggle, it is your will power and you will to change that gets you out of addiction. Nothing or No one can do anything if you do not have the will.

    Lets ask the guest author of this post Harsha, what he thinks….

  3. Herman, thank you for the comment. My thought process deals with the ironies of life and not particularly with will being a way to overcome addictions. But you certainly have added to the conversation of irony.

    I gave up smoking (not a chain smoker) not because of will. I fell sick one day, couldn’t smoke then a day became a week, which then became a year. The last I smoked was October 15, 2001. But at the same time, I can’t remain interested in anything for more than a short period of time. Can I will myself to stay interested in something for the next say 20 years? I don’t know.

    So I am not sure if it is just will or if it is a combination of factors like time, luck, will, age, need and environment. As the skeptic Nassim Taleb notes, our world has more variables than acknowledged and people try to find a simple explanation, like say will, to explain why stuff happens or not.


  4. Dont name it SAD, DIRTY, BAD, SIN:
    You Choose what you want:
    On top of it, you feel like doing it:
    What ever it is,
    Not just it, Even your Grave, where you shall sleep.

  5. Thanks yet again. Wonderful!

  6. Dear Supriya, im very happy to see that my comments here are accepted with great heart, thank you, Sorry if my comments were harsh or impolite…Kind Regards gosay

  7. Hey Gosay, The idea behind putting my ideas and thoughts aloud on this blog is to instigate coversation and interesting comments. So great debates or conversation starters are always welcome!

    Thanks for all your comments.

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