Oprah Does Youtube

We all know youtube is the new superpower that is soon gonna take over the world ! So what does Oprah do? Start her own channel on Youtube…but of course! Talk about biting off more than you can chew.

What is she going to cover in this ? Something that she hasn’t already covered in her other million media outlets ? Her TV show, her after the show segment, her magazines, her radio show, her Satelite radio show weren’t enough…so now Youtube???

Gosh, I try really hard to go a few hours in a day without seeing her face plastered on every media outlet that exists. I get a few hours on Youtube without hearing news abut her or how great she is. I try going about my life normally trying to be good and do right in my own way without being reminded that there is an O angel that guards America and the world from evil doing.

You tube was my escape and now thats been branded O too. I’m not going to give any link here to her Youtube channel because if you go on Youtube, be sure to see her face, watch her video on every page which of course would’ve been viewed a few million times. Its totally fool proof.

On a side note : I always wondered why she is on single cover of every magazine she does…We don’t see that in the case of many other magazines do we? Where the owners face is on every cover? This self branding…That’s a bit weird to me. I’ve always wondered why there has been this need to put her face on everything she owns.

I’m sure we all already know she has billions and almost owns the world. She can do anything, she is capable of everything etc etc. I’m sure she knows it by now too, then why this overbranding and over doing of this O stuff? Well whatever….


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