Blog Update

You might have read the post I published on 9th October, 2007 covering Buffalax, the new you tube sensation.

Here is a recent WIRED magazine article mentioning this blog and a few lines off my interview with the author.


“The Buffalax videos have struck a chord even with those who understand what’s really being sung by the on-screen performers. Supriya Raman of Boston, who was born in southern India and speaks Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, said in an e-mail interview that she came across Sutton’s videos during her regular browsing of Indian content on YouTube, later posting a link to them on her blog, My Truth.

She said knowing the real translation only enhanced her enjoyment — but that, while she feels it’s “all in good fun,” many of her Indian friends take offense at Buffalax’s videos, feeling their culture is being mocked.”


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