Yogi B & Natchathira’s Ticket to Fame

I’m sure all you Tamil music followers know about Yogi B and Natchathira and their musical experiments. They first shot to fame with this remix and remake work on Ilaiyaraaja’s classic “Madai Thiranthu” song from the movie Nizhalgal.

We were all instantly hooked with their captivating and creative effort. They totally revamped an already fantastic song making it reach today’s music fans adopting the recent trend of hip hop and mad beats.

They have a new song out for the movie “Polladhavan”. NOT a remake of the Rajinikanth movie from the 80’s, thank god !

The song is yet another remix of a classic ” Engeyum Epodhum Sangeetham Sandosham” from the 70’s movie Ninaithaale Innikum, done their way ofcourse. Like it? What do you think?

I really like the song. I’ve been listening to it over and over again. It’s has a great original tune, very peppy, enthusiastic and captivating beats and SPB’s voice has to been given special mention. For me, his voice is the key factor. He could song the telephone directory and I’ll love it, but that’s just me!

The song achieves its purpose of revitalizing a 30 year old song adapted perfectly to today’s trend.

I only hope there were some copyright laws that existed and the musical geniuses who came up with this song originally are attributed something! It seems like we have forgotten them all together and yet seem to need their songs all the time. On that note, ARR has done a remix of “ponmagal vandhaal” in his latest movie. The original by MSV from the movie Sorgam.

Yogi B & Natchathira have found their ticket to fame. If they keep remixing yesteryear’s great hits and some wonderful songs, which seems to be their success formula, they have a few thousand hits in their future!


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