Road Trip Day 1 : Philly & DC

Phew, We just reached Nashville!  It’s Day 3 of our road-trip. I just drove 350 miles from Virginia to Tennessee, my first time driving 6 hours at a stretch. It is by far the most gorgeous drive I have ever been on, just unreally picturesque and some stunning views!

Its 4.30 PM or so I thought…..It’s 3.30 PM since we are now one hour behind ET. And I finally got the extra hour and thought it’s the best time to blog!

Day 1 :

We started our road trip on 11/17 from Framinhgam, MA headed to Philadelphia, PA.

Our first stop was PetsHotel a kennel started by Petsmart, the pet store chain. It was a gut wrenching experience dropping off Sushi (our cat) for the week. It’s been around 10 months since we adopted her and this is the first time she has been away from us for more than 2 days. It makes it harder than she is in-fact a dog in a cats body. It’s really interesting to see how much she is like a dog, and has very little of the usual cat characteristics. Be it playing fetch with us, or how much she is emotionally dependant on us. She communicates with us, she is literally stuck to us whenever we are around. That sure made this harder….Sigh, I miss her as I am writing this !

We reached Philly by noon, in time for lunch and a few hours of sightseeing downtown. We passed through extremely crowded roads of NY and NJ.




An interesting, unmissable mammoth of a landmark as you enter Philly!



We had a picked a Mexican restaurant called Copabanana in South Street, which was much like the marketplace called Pondybazaar in my hometown of Chennai, India. It was overwhelmingly crowded, quite dirty and very busy. We inched our way through to find parking after 20 minutes, Walked up and down the street to explore and then reached Copabanana. Click here to read my moderately okay experience there.


Right across from where we had lunch, we noticed this hole in a wall type of eatery with people lined up to  mile outside. The foodie I am, I had to find out why. It apparently is the ‘world’s’ best place to eat Philly cheese steak sandwiches. It’s called Jim’s Steaks.



 The crowd there and the amount of time they were waiting out there for a sandwich was just mind-boggling! Being a vegetarian, I couldn’t really appreciate the smell or the quality, but hey they have been review by Food TV and with a few hundered people lined up for miles outside, they have to be good !

From there we headed to Market Street. This was markedly less crowded and less hip, more historic ; but not as interesting and culturally vibrant as South Street.


We entered all the historic landmarks. The usual suspects like the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, National Constitution Center and with a a little bit of view from the Delaware river.



How could I go to philly and not visit Chef Morimoto’s restaurant? That was my next destination. It was not open, it was mid PM, but hey, it was still worth a picture! My husband has actually been there for dinner and he says it’s an experience that’s worlds apart from your regular dining. Hopefully the next time around, I can plan to go there for their acclaimed dinner menu.


It was 4 PM and we had to over to DC to make it in time for our hotel reservation! We hit the road and I drove us into DC in under 3 hours. We checked in Hamilton Crowne Plaza in the intersection of 14th and K Street NW. In chaotic downtown after much frustrating navigation in the night, we reached our hotel, checked in and the receptionist was very pleasant as you would expect them to be.

Once we got to our room a mini nightmare awaited us. There was a tiny bed (they say Queen, but I say full) in our room. I had reserved a king size bed with a little seating area included. They tried to push a queen bed on our heads thinking we wouldn’t notice or we would assume king is not available. We talked with CJ the guy in the front-desk who then sheepishly moved us to a room two floors below which was the actual size room we paid for. We were dog tired and too exhausted to step out and it was already too dark to do any sightseeing, so we decided to stay in the room and order dinner from the 14K Restaurant in the hotel.

Too tired for pictures of the hotel, although we did get some interesting pictures of dinner.Click here to read all about the 14K restaurant and the food we ate.

And that’s what we did, ate and relaxed for the rest of the night. Keep reading for updates on Day 2 and more….


2 Responses

  1. I went to Jim’s Steaks recently! I can’t admit to having eaten Philly Cheese Steaks in many places, but I can’t imagine them tasting as good anywhere else! Great Post!

  2. I’m sure it was good! And keep reading this and my food blog to find out more such awesome places I stumbled upon…

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