Road Trip Day 2 : Washington DC & Wytheville

I last left off blogging about Day 1 of our trip with a great few hours in Philly and our drive to DC. Now on to Day 2 of our trip :

This day was all about seeing DC. I have been there a few times before but never spent this much time on foot! We walked around for almost 7 hours and covered quite a bit. DC was gorgeous with the fall colors still intact. Flaming red and orange leaves with the bright green lawns and gardens, crisp and cold 40 degree weather made the walking more pleasurable.



We  started at the Washington monument, went over to the Smithsonian, then the white house all in the morning part of the day before it gets too crowded. Otherwise finding parking is a nightmare beyond 11 AM.



The grand Union Station :




And of-course the white-house:


Here’s something interesting happening right in front of the white house. You should most probably understand what these posters say wherever you are in the world, they seem to have covered most languages!


Here what it says in my native language of Tamil; Translation – Stop the War.


We then moved on to see all the memorials, Lincoln memorial, Jefferson memorial and the Roosevelt memorial. I found them all so fascinating. An interesting though crossed my mind, irrespective of the country, all the founding fathers and the early contributors to the beginning of the country have always been such idealists.

The words inscribed on each of these past president’s memorial proves their idealism, when you try applying it to today there isn’t a shred of reality in there. Just all rosy idealistic words.

I wonder how we digressed from a world where such idealistic leaders wrote down and made rules and constitution so perfectly to create a perfect world and somewhere down the last couple of 100 years we took a MAJOR detour. It’s definitely something to think about.

It’s also quite freaky at how some of their words have relevance even today. You’d think they said things during the great depression or the world war, but today it’s all oddly very relevant.

Here what I mean. These are Jefferson’s words from the Jefferson memorial. See how freakishly relevant it is amidst all the crap happening in this world recently?




I found more really ironic and fantastic words in the Roosevelt memorial :





This reads : ” More than an End to war, We want an end to the beginnings of all wars”
See, yet again, so much relevance to today. I only wish the words of the great forefathers and their idealistic statements had more value today. Our world would be a much better place.

Keep reading ……..






Does the current white-house resident think this way ?







Once again, how ironic is that ? This especially strikes a chord if you’re American or if you live here in America.

Here’s some from the Lincoln memorial




and George Mason



Just a beautiful English mastiff we came across while walkin around. He was so friendly and just adorable. I had to get a picture.


Who does that look like to you? Just some random sculpture I found while walking around.


After an exhausting 7 hours on foot, we landed for late lunch at a great Italian place called Maggiano’s. Of-course you can find out more about that on my food blog.

We headed out of DC around 3 PM and drove to Wytheville, Virginia (Pronounced Withville)

Why Wytheville? Well that town is mid point between DC and Nashville, TN.


We couldn’t drive directly to Nashville because that’s a 13 hour drive, hence the break in Wytheville.


The stopover there started as basically just a pit stop but it turned into so much more. We researched a bit on this town and came across a true jewel in a bed & breakfast inn called the ‘Trinkle Mansion’.



It truly was an experience of a lifetime staying in this place. It goes to prove that some of the best things are found in the most unlikely places! This place was of-course a mansion. It was literaly a palace fit for a king, which made us feel like royalty! It had very thoughtfully done interiors with a lot of attention to the intricate details.





The lovely Patti Pizinger who owns and runs the place made it a very personable experience, something you can never find in any hotel. She was hospitable, warm which truly made our experience better. Her passion and love for what she does resonates a lot in that mansion and in her food. That is what we loved about our stay there more than anything else. It is always endearing to meet such genuine people. And this is the lovely Patti.


They have a fantastic story behind how they came about to become owners of this place.  Patti and Bernie Pizinger the owners of the house stumbled upon the house when they pulled over into this town to fill up on gas ! They have always had a retirement dream of moving down south and opening a bed & breakfast and planning to do so probably after at-least 5 years of research on how-to. They drove around quite a bit in the south with Virginia not even remotely in they list of places to start this. But that’s how life always plays out things doesn’t it? Read more of their fascinating story :



The rooms were impeccable. The furniture, the linens, the bed, the amenities and everything else like the whole experience was just perfection. At the end of a long drive it was the perfect place to get refreshed and energized.




Forgive our luggage kinda spoiling the picture but our room was gorgeous nevertheless.


After all this, we couldn’t wait for her breakfast the next day and start Day 3 of our road-trip. Keep reading for more………


2 Responses

  1. …and you did not even bother to call me while you were here !!!! – bad bad 😦

  2. I love the comments and pictures that you have included on the Trinkle Manson. As a Wytheville Native, I appreciate any good things that are reported back by vistors that have stopped in our little neck of the woods. By the way, you might be interested to know, as a lot of people are unaware of, that our town Wytheville (as you have noted pronounced Withville) is named after George Wythe- the first signer of the Declaration of Independence.
    Hope you are able to return to our town again some day!
    Be Blessed!

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