Road Trip Day 3 – Wytheville & Nashville

Sorry about the long gap in another Road-trip post, but this is quite some effort. We took over 1000 pictures which I now need to sort, compile and then post. I last left off on a post about Day 2in the fantastic Trinkle Mansion.

After a refreshing night’s sleep and a fantastic homemade breakfast we headed off to Nashville at 9.30 AM. We reached there around 4.30 PM, which was actually 3.30 pm. I completely forgot about the time zone difference which game me an extra hour. This was the time I made my first post on Day 1.


It surprisingly got dark quite early. it was pitch black by 5 PM! That did throw us off schedule a bit on the sightseeing but we found a great place to visit at night. The Gaylord Opryland hotels, resort & convention center. Yeah, the first thing that came to my mind was ‘Meet the Fockers’ too …the name Gaylord does that to ya 🙂




Our first reaction was , why would we come all the way to Nashville and see a hotel/convention ctr? Obboy where were we wrong and awfully glad we went there. This place was like Disneyland, in sheer size and in fun! This place was HUGE, as big as a little town!






It was beautifully lit, decorated like a little town in Venice! With a river and a boat and all. Yeah, all inside running around the hotels and its rooms. All indoor! It took me a few minutes to wrap my head around the sheer size of this place. We took a great riverboat ride and this 30 min ride was filled with gorgeous waterfalls lit so festively, and breathtaking views of the whole place.





It’s hard to capture more about this place in words or on camera! It was a bit dark and there was just so much happening that I didn’t know what to get on picture. We were in there for 5 hours which ofcourse went by in  a few minutes. I would strongly recommend anyone visiting Nashville to definitely drop by this place. It is surely a must see place. 



I  couldn’t wait for the next day because I wanted to visit the music row which is where RCA studios, Elvis’s first recording studio is located among a few hundred other music recording companies! Every inch in Nashville had a musical touch and I loved that about the city.

After the 7 hour drive, 5 hours on foot we had a great dinner at Sunset Grill.  We went back to our hotel and Zzzzzzzzzzzz.


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