Dubya’s comedy routine

I was actually quite surprised by this speech. I have seen many Bush-isms before, many videos of his nonsensical slurs, mistakes etc  but NEVER a comedy routine from him!

I guess at this point he just wants to beat everyone else to the punch by humiliating, ridiculing and mocking himself, his government, his intelligence(or lack thereof) and this entire 8 year joke of a presidency, before someone else does.

But I have to say the writers have done a fantastic job. And as for Dubya I really do applaud him ONLY because it is NOT easy to mock and humiliate yourself like this! They say you should laugh at your mistakes before people do, but this is at a whole different level. This was a little standup comedy routine and even a bit of roast of Obama and a few other candidates inbetween.

Entertainment value wise gold. But to me, its just mostly sad to see the leader of the so called free world who holds THE most powerful position as the President of the US, to stand there making a complete fool of himself. Sad and Pityful.


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