Stupid Gadget #11

It’s been a long time since my previous stupid Gadget post, but now that I am back into it here is a classic. A Goatee Saver.

I am guessing this isn’t really a joke. ( “Real Men wear Goatees…..and they use the revolutionary Goatee saver to keep them looking their best” ????? ) The video demonstration on their product website is awesome though !

It is basically a cup or a mouthpiece for your face. You bite down on the mouth insert and then it adjusts to get it just right for you. It can move up or down by adjusting the part you bite down on. It also can get wider in three different areas, which can move separately or together.

Thanks to this, you too can now master the art of goatee trimming and make yourself look like Hannibal Lecter. Admit it, it is super dorky however effective it may be. And oh, sorry to disappoint you but this man’s perfectly made goatee is NOT for sale.

They actually aren’t that expensive ( around $20) although I think you should get two of these for the price. Go treat yourself with one or gift it to any guy you love (hate?). Buy here.


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