I speak my mind . I call a spade, a spade. I abhor hypocricy and have zero tolerance to personal judgements. I am all about logic, reality and science. I do enjoy my share of philosophy once in a while.

My greatest passion is music, especially Illaiyaraaja’s compositions. Enjoy all other great music irrespective of language, composer or genre. I spend extensive number of hours researching and analyzing songs, singers, tunes, beats and tracks.

My next passion is food and everything to do with it. Love Cooking. I try every recipe I can get my hands on and experiment my creativity with food. I would love to travel and explore the world , its culture and cuisine. Especially with someone as passionate about it as me. On this note, Watch out for my book soon ! I also write a Food Blog at www.ode2food.wordpress.com

I also enjoy reading, mostly non-fiction. Particularly biographies,memoirs, philosophy and political satires. Ofcourse I enjoy ficiton too once in a while.

“Too many” is mathematical impossibility when it comes to shoes and watches. Ok!!! I Agree, Im a an addict……A complete and hopeless shoe and watch addict.

Crazy about cats and dogs. Love my little baby Sushi(aka Sushila). She brings so much joy to our daily routine bound lives !





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  1. hi

    Do you know anything about Ilayarajas bassist?..Do you have a photo of his?..All i know is he is called one Mr Sasi.

  2. Hi Gautam,

    It is Sasi on the bass 90%, but these days I guess people like sada(his guitatist) and even guitar prasanna play for him on and off. I hear of a lot of new talents being on his team too,I dont have a picture sorry, I will keep you posted if I do get one.

  3. If you want to see something amazing….check out the guy that Dan Dunn learned everything he knows from. Dan Dunn wrote Michael Israel about 3 yrs ago telling him that Michael was a true inspiration to him. SO, if you want to see the ORIGINAL…check out Michael Israel.com

  4. Thanks Gabrielle for this informative comment. Michael Israel sure is a genius and a master of his class.

  5. hahaa…cute cat! just like the one we have, her official name is Libra but I have a much shorter name for her…Angalaparameswari.

  6. Hi Supriya..

    How are u doin? i came across ur site from sailusfood site.. Ur website seems really interesting and not lik other website whic write things jus for others sake.. you do put in a view whic others find really interesting.. recipes are lookg cool.. i havent tried out any.. i will sooon and let u know the result if good or bad! hope u wont feel bad if i say BAD at any na..

    Hey do u know the Arabic sauce whic they use with the naans and kuboos.. how do we make tht? if u know pls do tell me..

  7. i say no to no smoking..let’s put it out as it is..let’s curtail the hypocrisy of the hypocrite world and i am definitely and completely supporting you on that..way to go

  8. Heyyy Supri…..am here…and really amazed by the way you write….,say, the language, content, pics and more importantly its interesting to read!!


  9. Hi Supriya,

    excellent to see your food stuffs….really i enjoyed and searching food items everyday to prepare…………..with my friends……….really appetizing food items getting from you


  10. Hi
    Am a big fan of Ilaiyaraja, and am listening to his songs from the movie Priya even as I write this!

    Found your site when I was trying to learn more about this Buffalax guy. I find him amazingly creative with words, although I would have thought I would be offended that a foreigner was making fun of our languages. I’m not offended because Buffalax is a wit of the highest order, comparable to Edward Lear and other great nonsense poets.

    Good to read your blog, and hope to come back often.

  11. Absurd question this may be for a first timer like me, but did you study in Chennai???? I have this long lost friend called Supriya who was my benchmate back in Senior School…


  12. I did study in Madras all the way until undergrad. I am tryingt o see if I know you from the tiny pic, but can’t make out a thing! Which school did you goto? that might help!

  13. DAV -> St.Johns -> Vidya Mandir.. Have a feeling I left the same comment somewhere on your blog last night, no idea where!!! 🙂

  14. yes you did, on my food blog about section 🙂

    Hmm I didn’t go to any of those schools, but have a lot of friends who did! I went to psbb all the way and adarsh for a couple of years. If i find another Supriya who went to any of these schools, I will send them your way 🙂

  15. PS.

    I think your food site is great!

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