Bingo! The holygrail of stereotype. Funny though!


Even apeldoorn bellen

Centraal Beheer is an insurance company sited in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. It is one of the largest insurance companies in that country. It is usually referred to as “Apeldoorn”. All advertising followed by the phrase “Even Apeldoorn bellen” (”Let’s call Apeldoorn”) is sometimes used as a general saying, in meme-like fashion to mean something like “oops” or “doh”, and it is for this reason that the company is generally referred to as “Apeldoorn” rather than its proper name. Many of their commercials have won the Gouden Loeki, the so-called Academy Award for Dutch commercials.

I am not surprised by their popularity and awards because it is by far the most creative and entertaining commercials I have ever seen! I cannot stop searching for more.

There’s one about Bill Clinton and a voodoo doll, that was taken of air because the US wasn’t too happy (but of course!). Oh, what the heck ! Take a look, its bloody funny.

Acupuncture anyone ? :

Housekeeping :

Prison joke:

There are so many more you can find in youtube and google videos. Just search for “Even apeldoorn bellen ” or “Centraal Beheer”. Trust me, its worth your while, and it will make your day better. Its that entertaining !