Snail Mail – Literally!

Think this is just a play on words that talks about our regular ol’ postal service? Not according to Vikcy Isley co-creater of

In this world of obsession with everything instant here is the irony.

Users submit emails that get relayed to a tank with some snails and two electronic readers. Here the snails with a radio frequency ID tag that pick up the message from a reader and eventually crawls 50 cms to the other at which point the missive dashes over the internet. Delivery, if and when completed could take weeks upto months.

The project is said to come into action in the fall. She along with her collaborator, fellow researcher Paul Smith, research under the name boredomresearch, go figure!



‘Failure’ search on Google

Until a few months ago, if you went to and searched for the word ‘failure’ or ‘miserable failure’ the first hit that would come up is the White House’s official biographical page for President Bush.

After just over two years, Google has finally defused this “Bomb” that has returned US President George W. Bush at the top of its results in a search on miserable failure.



A search today now shows the US White House page carrying Bush’s name is no longer top listed. Also gone are pages about Michael Moore and former US president Jimmy Carter that were on the first page of results due to Google bombing actions. What’s not missing are articles about the Google bombing incident itself. The algorithm change hasn’t impacted these.

This is because the change is designed to stop the pranks from happening rather than legitimate commentary about such activities. Google isn’t saying exactly how this is being done. But Google says it’s done automatically, without any human intervention.

“It’s completely algorithmic,” said Google spam fighting czar Matt Cutts, adding “we’re not going to claim it’s 100 percent perfect.”

Here is what the official Google Blog said.

Read extensively about this topic written very well by Danny Sullivan.

iMunchies & iBeer

How interesting are these??

Hottrix does these applications for the iPhone. I happened to visit their website and realized they have a lot more gimmick stuff in there. The have stuff for magicians, tricks for your Palm, iPod&iPhone ofcourse, windows and lots more. Apparently their iPod and iPhone tricks are award winning! Go check them out.

Hot Ice

You read it right ! Not Dry ice ……but Hot Ice. Really cool concept! Check it out :


Zillow is an extremely cool, innovative, useful and addictive Internet application which recalculates your home’s value every week. It is the brainchild of former Expedia execs Richard Barton and Lloyd Frink.

It pulls together public records of home sales, valuations across a given zip-code, tax assessments and ‘zillions’ of other sources to come up with a “Zestimate value”. The results help buyers and sellers make deals without resorting to a middleman. Of-course this does not settle well with the real-estate agents and they condemn this service while everyone else is hooked! Either way, whether buyer, seller or agent, they have to constantly check it just because its out there and it affects them and also have I mentioned it enough before that it’s addictive?

Even if you are not a homeowner or don’t plan to be one, zillow hooks you in. Everytime I drive by a house in my neighborhood or anywhere else that catches my attention the first thing I do when I’m back home is checkout the ‘Zestimate’ of the home just out of curiosity. There have been many times before Zillow, when I saw a home that I loved or dreamed of, I would wonder how much such a home would cost in that area or how much a similar home would cost in other areas in my state. Zillow spots and feeds this exact curiosity.

There used to be no other way except contacting a real-estate agent to find out the insider details of the home. And often the agents don’t take you very seriously unless you have the intention of buying a home in the very near future. With Zillow you can literally browse through millions of homes not only in your home state but all over the country without any pressure of being forced to take any decision.

I love it and I’m addicted to it! If you want to check it out Click here.