The Magnificent Dolphins

A surfer who was surfing at Marina State Park off Monterey, California was attacked by a great white shark. The shark hit him three times. The first time he wasn’t successful. The second and third time he was. The surfer never had a warning, maybe a half of second before he bit him. The shark chewed his leg to the bone and bit his torso and the surf board at the same time. Which basically caused his skin to peel back like a banana but none of his organs were hurt. When the shark was biting his one leg he used his other leg to kick the shark off.

Although the shark was attacking him there were Bottlenose dolphins there the whole time. When the shark let go the dolphins came in and formed a circle around the surfer protecting him and butting their nose with the shark. This cprotected him and allowed him to get on his board and swim away with only a loss of one limb. With out these dolphins he would most likely be dead. Read More…

This article really moved me because these dolphins have so much more humanity than us humans. They are such magnificent, selfless and noble creatures who have been known for protect humans for many many years now.

In the light of this, I would like to create some awareness to the dolphin slaughter that is going on in some parts of these world. I truly don’t comprehend this cruelty. This savage animalistic need these humans have to kill the most gentle, smart, protective beautiful creatures.

Are we so flesh hungry now that we need to kill innocent, harmless creatures ? Aren’t we flourishing well enough already without eating dolphin flesh and blood?

Sorry about this depressing post, but this is needed.

Please take a few minutes from your day right now to read this : Taiji Dolphin slaughter

Bloody sea … The photographs and video of dolphin slaughter released by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society have brought international condemnation over the seemingly cruel methods used to slaughter dolphins, whose meat is destined for supermarkets. Japan describes the criticism as cultural imperialism. Photo: AFP/ Sea Shepherd Conservation Society


The pool of blood, the red ocean water makes me cry every time. Yes it is in Japan , oceans across, but join the movement, help in anyway you can. This is just one of such happenings in one continent that has gotten some attention. There are many more. Please google it, or research it and spend some time and energy towards this.

We could very easily pass this off because you do not want to pain yourself and cry by watching this video or by reading about it. But that’s selfish. Some things are worth the pain and the heartache. This is one such thing. You cannot ignore this to spare yourself the agony. We claim to be the sophisticated, evolved beings that rule this planet like it’s ours. We need to take the responsibility to be the mouthpiece for these harmless, speechless animals.

We owe it as human beings to be more compassionate and selfless towards other living things that maintain the balance of our planet. We may not realize it in our busy materialistic, routine bound lives but they surely contribute much more than you and I do to make this world a better place to live.

It is time we give back to them at least 1 % of what they give us (whether we realize it or not). It doesn’t have to be money, it could just be you forwarding this article or any article you find on the internet to as many people you know and create awareness throughout the world.

This is a sincere request and desperate plea on my part. Please help stop this cowardly and inhumane act.