Why does all meaningful thinking that I do, come in the shower???

A thought crossed my mind about imperfections. I am always amazed by the arrogance of humans (including myself) about our overstated optimism and confidence about our abilities, luck, looks, sex appeal and brilliance. The thought rose up in a context of business when I was thinking about why people charge a fee for services provided or for repairing a product you bought or repairing a mistake like in a restaurant. It is because it is an imperfect system. In nature, there are no imperfections. If there is a yin, then there is a yang to counter it to keep the balance. If you change one variable, another one steps in to maintain the balance. There is NO question of repair.

If more sharks suddenly start populating in an area, then Nature figures out how to increase the population of fish, or another predator for sharks (human waste, ships, pollution or infighting) to retain the balance. It is not repairing the situation unlike everything that humans create. If we create something, then it is guaranteed it will need repair. Perfection is not an absolute value. The human body is perfect (imperfections are created by humans, mind you). The water currents are perfect (distortions are created by humans through pollution etc).

If you are a human being (I hope you are!) and you make something, then guarantee yourself that it is imperfect. I find it funny how we trumpet our own glory when we “fix” a problem and them tom-tom to the whole world (or to anyone who will listen) that we fixed a problem and this is how we did it, blah blah …

Having the confidence to succeed is another thing altogether. Thinking you’re “it” is what bugs me. I see many such people in my daily life and quite honestly, I’ve found that all those people are delusional. For instance, on “Kitchen Nightmares” on Fox, Chef Ramsey deals with a Sebastian who runs Sebastian’s (see the theme?) in Burbank, CA and is so convinced that his menu is the best that it is clear he is delusional. He is arguing with the Ramsey who owns the most expensive restaurant in London and many others globally.

I feel if you cross the tipping point of confidence, where you start to believe in the BS you say a little extra, then you become disconnected with reality. You being to feel that everything you say or do has an immense impact, when in reality others around you are clearly able to see that what you’re doing is irrational and unsustainable. It could be in your personal or professional life (is there a distinction anymore?). In relationships, if you constantly rub the other person wrong with your over-exuberant-confidence believing that you’re impressing the other person etc., then all you’re doing is disconnecting yourself from that person. At work either as an employee or a business owner, if you continue to trumpet your “perfection” or your achievements, then pretty soon you start buying into your own idea, stop listening to others and end up in chaos.

I can’t think of a single example in Nature that comes up as imperfect. I challenge you to prove me wrong (oh, me and my “perfection”!).

Imperfections thy name is Human.

– Harsha