Politics : synonym for unethical and immoral?

This button was sold at one of the republican state conventions….DISGUSTING.

Just when you think the world is not so bad, you see and read such things which personifies everything immoral and unethical.

The source.


2 Responses

  1. disgusting is the word!!! OMG!! wonder when such things would ever come to a stop!!

  2. Horrible!!! How can anybody print and sell something like this??? And especially a political party!!! Yes, it is maybe a bit funny, but in the hands of republican it becomes a whole new meaning and it is not funny any more. How they can do such thing and loose votes from black people not only for this election, but all the elections in the future??? And most of all, how the police can allow such thing? Now the republicans could be definite as group of people who restrain the rights and liberty of minority and that is against the international law!!!
    (I hope you understand everything, because I’m not born English speaker and I’m not sure about some terms in politics)

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