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I am basically a computer engineer with a wide knowledge and understanding of biology and biological processes. As a science student my basic Physics, Chemistry and Math background forms a great foundation in understanding this science.

The use of Computational and Mathematical tools in Science has exponentially increased in the last few decades creating a whole new science – Bioinformatics. Computational Biology is a close cousin. It is the use of techniques including applied mathematics, informatics, statistics, computer science, artificial intelligence, chemistry and biochemistry to solve biological problems usually on the molecular level. This is the field I work in.

My work more specifically can be classified under Proteomic( Study of Protein structure, function and interactions) and Genomic (study of genes and the enire genome) research. My past work has included using Molecular simulation tools for analyzing sequence- structure- function relationships of proteins; Ligand binding studies including LDL receptor/LDL, insulin receptor/insulin, and ganglioside/toxin interactions ; using molecular modeling tools such as InsightII & Discovery Pro to research structural features of proteins; application of predictive data-mining tools for predicting sequence, structure and functional attributes of protein data sets, predict with high accuracy relationships between amino acid distributions and active site amino acids in proteins and working with sequence analysis tools.

I also deal with Biological and scientific Application support, Project management and Data Analysis. I  am looking to further my knowledge, experience and skills within these profiles for a Biotech/Pharma/Clinical/Medical or Healthcare organization. That is my long term goal.


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  1. May god bless u in all your endeavors!

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