Dumbledore….Dumbledore….he’s everywhere!

Oh what a thin line it is between the real and the unreal. 

A couple of days ago I saw this news article where JK Rowling revealed that Dumbledore from the Harry Potter saga is gay. Well this “news”, this most earth shattering, ground breaking and revolutionary news was on every possible news site there is from CNN, BBC, NY times, Local news, local papers etc.  When I saw it first, I thought about how trivial and irrelevant this news article was. It was just silly!

And this morning, 2 days later, guess what CNN’s headline story is? ” Fans ponder Dumbledore revelation”. Again? People are talking about this news for over 78 hrs?? This fictional ( have I said this enough times yet?) character’s sex life is all the rage?? I think it says something about the world we live in!

It’s not enough that people discuss and judge real life people for being gay, now we are after characters from a fictional story?

I don’t mean this to sound like “holier than thou” advice. I mean I get the ‘entertainment value’ part of it. I know there are billions in this world who are crazy about Harry potter. I myself am quite a big fan of the creativity, ingenuity and the brilliantly fantasized world of Harry Potter. I feel all eyes should be on the creativity and brilliantly webbed characters. Not bring to reality these fictional and discuss real life issues on them! It’s irrelevant, and I am mentioning it for the last time in this post, Fictional!

There definitely should be a line drawn. A clear line. But the way things are going these days, it’s a VERY thin line between the real and unreal.


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